Forsyth, et al., v. HP Inc., et al.

 United States District Court Northern District of California – San Jose Division |  5:16-CV-04775

Individuals who had their employment terminated when they were 40 years of age or older by HP Inc. (formerly known as Hewlett-Packard Company) or by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company pursuant to a workforce reduction plan during the time periods specific to each company as identified in this Notice.

On August 18, 2016, the Lawsuit was filed against HP Inc. (formerly known as Hewlett-Packard Company) and HPE. The Lawsuit alleges, in part, that HP Inc. and HPE implemented a workforce restructuring initiative intended to replace employees aged 40 and older with younger employees, including through the use of wide-scale layoffs—dubbed workforce reductions (“WFRs”)—that disproportionately targeted older employees. HP Inc. and HPE deny the allegations in the Lawsuit, are vigorously defending against Plaintiffs’ claims, and deny any wrongdoing or liability.

The current Plaintiffs who are acting as representatives of the ADEA collectives are Donna Forsyth (a former HPE employee), Arun Vatturi (a former HP Inc. employee), Dan Weiland (a former HP Inc. employee), Shafiq Rahman (a former HPE employee), and Kevin Alviso (a former HPE employee). In addition, there are another 31 former employees of HP Inc. or HPE who already have opted into and joined this case as additional plaintiffs.

On April 13, 2021, the Court conditionally certified two separate ADEA collectives – one with respect to HP Inc. and another with respect to HPE – represented by the five Plaintiffs, and including the 31 current opt-in plaintiffs, and any other individuals who meet the criteria described in the next section. This Notice has been issued in order to determine the identity of additional persons who wish to be involved in the Lawsuit.

You may be eligible to join this Lawsuit if you were employed by HP Inc. (or Hewlett-Packard Company) or HPE, and your employment was terminated pursuant to a WFR when you were age of 40 or older – but only if your termination occurred during the applicable time period listed in the Notice


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